This will be the page on how to set up Crypto Currency accounts.

First step is to create a Coinbase account.


Going through all the steps to authorize your account is kind of tedious, but stay with it.

The thing that kind of stinks about Coinbase is you can only buy Bitcoin, Eth, and Litecoin.

Coinbase charges 4% if you fund your account with your credit card which is worth it if you are in a hurry.

The ACH transfer from your bank account takes 7 days for some reason.  But there is no fee.

You need Coinbase though so that you can buy Bitcoin which you will then need to send to another service.

I like they have low fees, currently .25% per trade.  Use the Google Authenticator with your account.  It is more secure than the simple texting of a number to you.  Google Play or Apple

Again somewhat of a tedious set up and verification system for your identity.

You currently can’t directly put money into Bittrex, everything is in Bitcoin prices, so you need to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase and send it to Bittrex.

Once you have bitcoin in Bittrex you are ready to go!